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How do you profit off of blackjack?

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Even pro card counters go on slumps where they go bust (which is why most work on teams to share the variance).  

To answer the original question - to make money long term, be the casino and not the player, watch for card counters, and keep lousy table limits. 

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6 hours ago, hardeexd said:

it’s a lot different online to be honest, even if you are really good at blackjack, you can still get unlucky and go on a losing streak

What buries online players (I can speak from experience), is also at times what they enjoy - the rapid game play.    When playing live, with multiple players, it's not uncommon for a game to take a minute or more.  When playing solo and it's electronic - a person can bang out up to 10 hands a minute.

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You want to win?

Don't be an idiot who splits picture cards against a Dealer 5 or 6 because you think the Dealer 5 or 6 is "weak."

Conservative estimate; I have wagered over 10 Million dollars and have played over 100,000 hands of Blackjack since I started playing some 7 years ago. I've seen it all. Whenever you play wrongly, the whole table has a higher chance of getting screwed. 

A dealer 5 or a 6 making 21? Seen that too many times. Many a times, I have doubled 11 against a Dealer Picture to make 21.... Only for the Dealer to then show an Ace to go with his picture card, making Blackjack for the Dealer. I've truly seen it all when it comes to this game. Haha..

I've turned $20 into $1500. I've turned $100 into $14k. I've made some amazing profits, some amazing comebacks, by playing correctly (refer Blackjack "Basic Strategy"), especially if I'm playing with other players on the table.

As for my betting system, I don't have any. I usually start with $10-20 bets, then work my way up when I'm "feeling" it. You don't need a huge bankroll to play, you just need to get those winning streaks. 

When you're on one of those winning streaks, you need to be betting large. And then you will inevitably get on a losing streak (yes, even if you play correct Basic Strategy). On those losing streaks, make sure you're betting minimum. 

In order to have a profitable session at Blackjack, you need to get easy cards. Blackjacks, 20s, 19s, 11s, 10s, 9s. If you keep getting 14 or 15 then you have to Hit and the result is that you bust, change tables.

And most importantly, you need to win those double downs in order to have a profitable session. And like all casino games, know when to stop playing when you've already made profit. So I recommend starting each session with a clear profit target. Once you reach the target and maybe exceed it a little bit, bail. Try again tomorrow.

Don't get used to exceeding your profit target by too much. Because then when you inevitably lose, you cannot adapt back to playing the small stakes and grinding your balance back up. Because you're too used to the idea of winning big. That will get you trapped in a debt spiral. Avoid it.

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Something’s been really off with Stake blackjack recently.  I play right to the book in terms of strategy, so it’s not me doing stupid plays.  I’ve played enough hands (80k) on this site to know when a switch has been triggered.  Previously I was hitting 43% wins, which in itself is a disgrace as you would expect 47% for typical BJ reshuffled deck game, but 43% allows a chance for profit with the right betting strategy.

Last 2 weeks, I’ve had repeated long, bankroll breaking runs of sub 30%.  Runs that include lovely streaks of 1-2 wins 14-15 losses; occurring with incredible frequency, like every 100 hands or so.  That’s not to mention the multiple 12-14 straight loss streaks that occur WAY more frequently than is mathematically fair.

A 12 loss streak, even if you give the site the ridiculous 57% win expectation per hand, should only occur approximately once every 1000 hands.  I’ve been hurt by such losing streaks more than 10x in the last 5000 hands.

Gives you some serious concerns about the “provably fair” concept...

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Each player has their luck. It means that you should not risk your winnings. Even the most outdated players will not give you accurate advice because the knowledge of blackjack must be extensive. The rules of blackjack vary somewhat from one casino to another. Blackjack provides the dealer with excellent opportunities for unfair play. There are many books written on this subject, and it allows the player to gain a significant advantage over the casino in the modern game of blackjack. I love poker very much and enjoy playing on boostcasino.com. However, the winnings are small but stable and with good bonuses.

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