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What you expect this coming March?

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Hello there guys ,

It's almost end of the month and March is incoming , what do you guys expect or plans for the next month?. Maybe make more profit and get revenge for your losses?, or wait for the surprises that Stake has to offer every month. As for me im always looking forward for the next month cause Stake loves to do surprises to its customers.

Care to share what you guys have in mind?. Thank you guys and happy gambling!.

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We all got a lovely Monthly reload on February and we also got a Raffle starting from yesterday  ,plus we had the Treasure hunt as well.... And all I'm hoping for March is to get that New Slots game which Eddie has been talking about... I'm a huge slots fan  and I can't resist slots XD.. 

Best and most fun game for me 😉

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Well time flies really fast i must say. Since February is coming to an end already, and with this raffle thing that came up already, i guess March will be the same :) We got a lovely monthly reload, which gave me decent profit. Would like to have something similar as well, so that there's a chance for us to win something daily. Putting aside that, what i'm looking forward to seeing is the chat and community, that it will continue to grow and there will be more activities on site throughout the days. Not only that, i wish the prizes of crypto go up as well because i've actually bought some and am currently holding them :)



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I just hope to make a good balance and get a withdrawal. From the news around here, I don't expect anything else until they announce something.
I'm tired of just speculating for something that never comes. I'll just wait now.
And may many good things come to us!
I wish you all good luck!

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39 minutes ago, sahil777 said:

i think something is coming i can sense that, some new game or crypto i am not sure, but anything is coming as eddie said in previous month for march we have some plans, so i am positive about this month that we may have some nice surprize in march.

Do they make any official announcements here?

Everything we've got is an email with a hint that a new games are coming and something else, something else very well might be a few new cryptos!

I'm rooting for a new games rather than for a new cryptos, coz the main cryptos are already here, even BCH, ha-ha!

Hopefully within a few weeks!

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