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Story of last 4 months in gambling....

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Hi guys,

I m use who play with free coins only.
I really facing worst days in gambling from last 4 months which ended now.
My monthly target is 150$.

i were doing good in gambling from Jun to Oct 2019.
but change my strategy to made big profit then my target started making mess.

I got around 100$ from coupons and withdraw just 60-70$. 
(mean no profit and even loose 30-40$ received from coupon)

Again got over 150$ from coupons and not able to withdraw single $.
(mean busted all money)

In Jan i got around 10$ in coupon & 50$ in Eddie's twitch giveaway.
again no single withdrawal.
(mean again loose that 60$)

Again got around 20$ in monthly boost &  50$ from eddie's twitch giveaway
and again busted these 70$

i already fade up with gambling sessions
then miracle happen
i started with lucky 12 XRP rain of eddie and made more than 400$ withdrawal in last 10 days of february.


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 I see , you got huge coupon that it is an advantage not to deposit anymore. That sounds nice. I'm not a VIP yet and I need to deposit to gamble. I deposit only small amounts to be honest and my VIP progress is not moving that much. Last 4 months, I deposited couple of times. I never deposit amount higher than $5 though. I usually double or triple it and leave some small coins so I can play the next time around. I play with free moneys as well too like the satohis I can get here from forum, the coins I get from and rains and tips from friends but I never seems to able to make big out of them so I deposit small sometimes.

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Lamo, u gotta understand gambling u ll have ups and downs like life. You cant only win and win, by the way 150$ monthly goal? People bust here thousands of dollars daily and your here for 150$ monthly from freecoins.... hmmm doesnt seem cool lmao, by the way its my opinion best of luck in the future and hope u achieve all ur goals

Have a nice week

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Your goals don't look so bad. I don't have many memories of mine. But in the last few months it has improved a lot. I do not usually write down my statistics, but I will now monitor this more closely now.

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