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Which coin has the fastest transaction speed?


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I have been comparing litecoin and Ripple and bitcoin, and the speeds are different, I have never used LCT but bitcoin yes, and it was very very slow and this  was the reason why I have to search and look for a way to gain the confidence that works well for me , there is a chance I had that XRP was really fast, though the first transaction you have to take 20 extra ripples to be left in the system, this is as its suppose to be , so if anybody know which coin has the fastest transaction can we put it over here, and by the way I know there are other undervalued and underrated ideas that are far better than what we are having today, the first Toyota is not good as that of today there are good ideas being incooporated to make it good, and so its  the same in this crypto world, can we find it.. thank you guys

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I think it's only natural that it's slow in transferring bitcoin because of the very large transaction numbers. Bitcoin is considered a pioneer of other coins. But if for the speed here I think the master of the champion because what I know is the ripples focus on high transfer speeds, yes and you can also understand doge.

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I have been studying a lot the Altcoins , there is a lot of good issues that come with studying them so its important for us to look at the one that is fastest, and the way ripple has been designed that we can have very fast transaction and not only fast but be very good in transferring large amounts of money, the greatest effort as we do, others my be fast but the one I have used and works very fast is ripple

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There are 2 major concerns with using Ripple in my opinion:

  • it is far from decentralized and those who invented it have large quantities from the beginning
  • you need 20 Ripple to 'open' an address. Those will always stay there, you can't move them... So your money is basically stuck. That's OK if your total amount is $1000, but not if you want to use it on a day-to-day base, especially in countries with low incomes. You basically lose $4 for using the coin (for the first time)
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Based on experience, ripple has the fastest transaction in all cryptos that are available here on stake. Your deposit and withdrawal gets credited instantly as compared to other coins. But there was one time that ripple transaction got delayed, I don't know what really happened but that just happened one time and now everything is good. Long live ripple.

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Strange that no one had mentioned Dash, not only it's fast it also has those amazing offline SMS transactions!

Also I'd like to throw TRX here, super fast and is very comfy to use it with TronWalletMe and stake some TRX there or swap for BTC or USDT if needed, super fast swapping too!

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As experienced, it would be ripple. I've done several transactions with litecoin as well and it takes some minutes while ripple gets credited right away. Exceptions are those times when the transaction in blockchain for ripples gets messed up and it takes too long by then. But normally, it's the fastest to get transacted.

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I think transaction will not matter to the coin but the wallet or exchange itself.  Because in my experience there's a lot of exchanges out there but you can point out only those have good service in terms of transactions whether if it is deposit or withdrawal of money. So for me it may depend on the exchange or in a wallet.

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Bitcoin is slow that's why ripple and other altcoin was created to become an option to bitcoin as it's takes time for you to get . So far the fastest coin that I've seen is XRP that's why there's a lot of investor of that coins because of it's speed of processing transactions.

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I always use Litecoin when I need to transfer my money somewhere, because fees in this blockchain are low and speed of transactions is very good. I also use ethereum blockchain, but it`s often overloaded and for good transaction speed you need pay large fee sometimes 

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