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Guide: how to enable 2 way authentication

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To increase your faucet, one of the steps is: 

Set a two factor authenticator + 5%

For people that don't know how to do this it isn't very clear how it's done however. To help people I made this quick guide. Thanks to Meow who helped me in chat. 

What you need: 

A mobile phone (Android for this guide). 
An internet connection (obviously! ;) )

Step 1. Go to google play store on your phone, and download 'Google Authenticator' 

Edit: or - if you are on a computer you could use Authenticator extension on your browser instead (thanks to @kurian for this tip)

Step 2. Go to here: https://stake.com/account/settings/two-factor when you are logged in. 

Step 3. On your phone open Google Authenticator. Click the add button. 

Step 4. Point your camera at the square thing that looks like a barcode on the screen. 

Step 5. When you align the camera so the square barcode thing is in the center of the indicators on your phone, google authenticator will automatically recognise your user name.

That's it you setup 2fa!

How to use it

When you log in , you need to open Google Authenticator on your phone. This will give you a number and you need to enter this alongside your password on the Stake.com site. 

The number changes very quickly, so don't open the app until you're ready to use it. 

Advantages are you get a boost to your faucet, and also you improve your security on the site!

Hope this helped someone :)


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1 minute ago, SuddenlySusan said:

Что конкретно у вас возникли проблемы с? Постарайтесь быть более конкретными... и люди могут быть в состоянии помочь вам.

I have a broken smartphone)))

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@SuddenlyBroke, thank you for making this tutorial! :) I've moved it to this board for easier access, and we will be using it a lot as a guide to help all the players who want to set this additional layer of protection for their account. 

I hope the issue with removing yours will be solved soon, and as I promised, I will keep you updated on the further development and a solution as soon as we get the word from devs ;)

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Two factor auth can be used just with firefox browser

1) install https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/chrome-store-foxified/

It allow install addons for chrome in firefox

2) Install https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/authenticator/bhghoamapcdpbohphigoooaddinpkbai?hl=en

It allow work with 2FA

3) Use guide from above to enable two factor auth.


4) Enjoy safety of your bankroll and +5% to faucet

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not work for me..even i entered the correct # come google authenticator it still says you entered incorect 2fa..i hope stake add the email or phone # verification in exchange to google authintication for 2fa.

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