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Guide: how to enable 2 way authentication

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Follow these steps, please:

- Open your app

- Press three dots in your upper right corner

- Then go to 'Settings'

- Then 'Time correction for codes'

- And finally 'Sync now'.


And then try again with the new code you get, and make sure you type it in time, because code changes every 30 seconds. 


Let me know if I can help with anything else. :) 

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Yes, it's still the same rule for the Stake accounts, you have to go through support in order to disable 2fa. 

I think formatting your PC with the desktop version of the Authenticator will actually delete all the codes, so you would have to disable the current ones, and enable new ones after you install your new Authenticator. 

If I'm wrong about this part, someone can correct me.

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What I would do is save a copy of the barcode since when I would lose my authy I would just scan the barcode and get the code back again

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