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Stake March Madness Bracket Contest

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I'm setting up a bracket contest for 2020 NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. If you're not familiar with what this is check this wiki, or reply to this post with any questions you have:


Entry for this tournament is .001 BTC.

  • 1 Entry per person
  • Brackets open up on March 15 and close when the round of 64 begins 
  • I will hold the entries/prize money in my vault, separate from my balance.

Prize Structure:

  • 1-10 People: 2nd gets their money back, Winner takes the rest
  • 11+ People: 2nd & 3rd get their money back, Winner takes the rest.
  • I'm not taking anything for setting this up.

Send me a PM in Stake chat @JackStraw42 If you would like to enter and I will send you the link and password to the group.

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