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​⚔️​ How to join a Team and participate in Battles? ​⚔️​

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You want to participate in Battles? Make sure to check the procedure explained below! ;) 

For starters, you would have to be accepted to the team of your VIP Manager. 

How to do that?

  • You would need to have Platinum VIP rank (Gold members that have VIP Manager are also welcome to apply)
  • Contact your VIP Manager to apply and get accepted to the team.
  • You can only join the team lead by your VIP Manager, not to other's teams.

Teams will be accepting new members over time.
If the teams are already full, you can ask your VIP Manager to add you to the waiting list. Waiting list of each team would be visible in Secret section Forum board.
Upon new Battle, the lists will be reviewed, and certain number of new players could be added to each of the teams. ;) 

In case some player gets reassigned to a different VIP Manager, and wishes to take part in the new team, that player would be last on the waiting list, as the priority would have all the players that were already assigned to that VIP Manager regularly. 

If a player is inactive and haven't posted a single entry, he/she can be removed from the team, so a new player from the waiting list could be added. Removed player would be able go back to the waiting list and get a second chance to rejoin a team after minimum 3 rounds.

If the player is again inactive after he/she rejoined, he/she permanently loses chance to play Battles.

We want to promote fair play and team spirit! 🤜🤛

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