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[0.0045 BTC] In The Realm of Dreams...​💤​ ​​ | Discord Challenge

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In The Realm of Dreams...💤

Hello once again Discordians!

This time around we'll be focusing on that personal state of mind that we all have - dreams. It's often said that dreams are only interesting to the dreamer and that others aren't curious or interested in them. Well... I beg to differ! 😄

What I want to hear from you is a particular memorable dream that you had at one point in your life.

Whether it's a recurring, filled with wonder, nightmarish, a dream of winning big on our site or anything in between, feel free to share.

As dreams are usually way out there when it comes to their content, don't skimp out on words and be as descriptive as you can be.


As usual, after you post your reply on Discord, just take a screenshot of it and post it here, so we could have your entry noted.


Prize Pool:


  • 1st place: 0.0008 BTC
  • 2nd place: 0.0005 BTC
  • 3rd place: 0.0003 BTC
  • 4th-10th place: 0.0002 BTC
  • 11th-25th place: 0.0001 BTC

Good luck Discordians! 😉

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Hey folks!

Thanks for participating in this giveaway. 😉

It's a sad reality that most of us better remember negative experiences such as these, but I hope I didn't awaken any past trauma with this and that you were all able to get past this. 😅

Either way, here are the results, I hope they make it better:

1st place: @Viksen

2nd place: @Paigeturner

3rd place: @fourPfive2

Places 4-10: @kiziah, @Thepug, @ahmedcena227, @jamesbond, @chamet, @Gorwit, @williamshennie9

Places 11-18: @chridz429, @RollingInTheDeep, @kavasupienu, @weswayahe, @JEEPERS0029, @alesha20, @Saher01, @SLFJ


Take care! 😄

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