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Platinum 4 in 10 Days is Possible


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Getting into a VIP level is yes it's very posible in a short period of time....(without seeing on the other side what or how much used that (win or lost) brought you up til platinum 1,2......4.   the question is are you happy being in that position???. ... but well that was not included in the topic. ) i go with the opinion of @Mashfiqun2018

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On 3/18/2020 at 7:25 PM, PrettyJen said:

Yes. One can achieve platinum 4 in 10 days. I just did.

I will assume u are just another troll. your post makes absolute zero send. i can make plat 4 or 5 or even diamond in 20 seconds man. i dont even want to waste my time explaining. this is just lame.

On 3/22/2020 at 2:25 AM, cryptofly said:

Makes no sense if you don´t show your strategy.  Like to say "Warren Buffet can do it in 15 seconds".... because at this point is all about money, nothing more.  Not being smart gambling, or setting strategies, or setting games for  a specific rolls, only by betting big and big and big.  Not my call.  Not interested in such way as I don´t have the wealth to gamble and achieve this way the vip's levels.  Good luck and keep your strategy.  Stay Safe. 

yeah exactly. the post makes absolutely no sense. anybody can make diamond in a few minutes, if he comes wagering 10 or 20btc per bet on 1,01x and keeps going for minutes. i think the guy is just trolling

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