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Wrong wallet withdrawal, but that belongs to Stake


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Hello friends, yesterday I had a problem here at the stake for a mistake of mine, I made a 200k bitcoin withdrawal for my wallet and this is the transaction below, but pay attention to this marked wallet


A few hours after making this withdrawal, I deposited 197k again here at the Stake and until then everything was fine, and when I reached 255k I left 200k again for my Atomic wallet, but when I accessed it, I ended up copying the address that had sent me the withdrawal of satoshis previously, wallet in which the stake made the payment for me.

It is the first time that I use the atomic wallet and, when I left where I copied my wallet, when I went back to the previous part of the transactions, I ended up accidentally clicking on one of the wallets of the transaction, I didn't realize I had copied it again, but it was the wallet where the stake made me the payment.




With that I went to make the withdrawal and put that wrong address that belongs to Stake, but I just noticed that the withdrawal was wrong after noticing that the transaction delay was too long and after confirming it didn't fall in my wallet.




After that I went to support to see if I could solve my problem, I explained the whole situation, but after some time researching it, they said that the wallet I made the withdrawal belonged to a player called Dubbaka, I tried to contact the player but he you haven't accessed your account for some time, and I didn't get any help to resolve this situation.


I know that the mistake was all mine for lack of attention, but I could at least have had a little more help so that I can recover this balance, then a player who doesn't even access the site will keep my money locked in his account, it will really be impossible to recover, and I have already proved that the satoshis really belong to me, the site used the wallet to pay me so they have access to it, I know it is not a lot of money but it is of great help.

Thank you all and sorry for the inconvenience.

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