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How to add tokens to MyEtherwallet

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Hello my friends.

Sometimes you get some tokens from an Airdrops or bounty and it is sent to MyEtherwallet, but when you enter your wallet you do not find this code present !! what is the reason?The reason is that it must be manually added to MyEtherwallet. So how do we do this? Let us follow the explanation:



Let us take a practical example
We want to add the HTX token, we take the steps as shown in the picture:
1 - Token address: 0xedbcc06b603ea1f512720a4073a62cc4fdefcb86
2 - Token Symbol:  HTX

3 - Decimals: 0


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Login and Unlock your wallet. Go to the “View Wallet Info” tab. Click “Add Custom Token” on the right-hand side under “token balances,” Now a custom token form will appear where you need to fill the contract address, the number of decimals, and the token symbol as provided by the token creators.

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