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[LEARN] How to avoid Phishing email scam

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I am using one great alternative for Gmail and it is called Tutanova email.

Today I received one email in my Tutanova account, with this content, asking me to 'update'


First thing you should do when you receive email from anyone is DOUBLE CHECK his email address and not just his name.

Here we can see that name is fake Tutanova Team, and real email address is rhody.ezekiel....

That is first Red Flag.

You should never click any links i your email (example is Resolve Issue Now) and never download any attachments

When I hover over that blue field, it can show me short link scammer is using /they often use this tactics to steal your data and crypto)

You should NEVER visit this links.


This is where links is directing next


FAKE Tutanova website, asking you to enter your details, email and passoword.

Always double check Address bar, and you can see some random web address.

NEVER enter any details.

They are using same tactics for Gmail, and all crypto Phishing websites, like fake Ethereum and other coins Airdrops.

If you learned this now, you can apply to any similar situation in future.

Stay Safe,


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It's good to be skeptical at times and not just taking everything as it is. Nothing beats complete awareness that people will be able to scam or do fraudulence act in many ways. The one you showed was one example. Thanks for sharing your knowledge about how not to get phished. Sometimes we only get aware after being a victim of such acts. But it's good to be aware to avoid it.

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gmail have its own auto filter and spam and scam alert, when ever you will recieve some suspecious email gmail send you alert about that as well, and i think now a days everyone knows about phising, your post is informative thanks for this.

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