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Hey mate. As you know, stake is a gambling site so you can't expect to win every time. I'm just trying to make things clear first. About the games at stake, you don't have anyone to teach you how to play it since you can try all the games with zero bet and practice. In addition, there is a 24-hours race which is along with a notification that is sent to everyone. If you wan't to participate in that you just need to play and wager for the time given, so that's from start of the race to the end and then you'll have your position finalized after the race. There are also things called VIP ranks, you can see that in the VIP section near the settings. 

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dear its a wrong section to ask this question if you want to know anything about stake then ask from support or contact mods, you also can post topic in stake discussion then other members will also help you about anything you want to know.

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