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[0.0045 BTC] Stay Safe​! 🙋‍♀️ | Discord Challenge

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Hey peeps! 😇

Thank you for participating. 🙃

Here is the list of winners:

1st : @hamato

2nd: @williamshennie9

3rd: @Nicol3

4th-10th: @Okseo122, @nuuuitsjdragon, @Aponix, @barbaris, @LuckyYT, @Karim, @weswayahe

11th-25th: @zzfireboyzz, @msteknoadam, @wilbergei, @Exchanger8, @Gorwit, @Deveu, @Manish000, @Philip74, @Adrenalin83, @coldmax1, @ayy25lmao, @Ali saher, @Tamaco, @ayy25lmao, @kiziah

See you around. ❤️ 


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