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New Slots is Coming!

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I saw in chat a trivia about New Slots is Coming. I'm excited about this. Is this real or just for April fools day?. What do you guys think?. Are you guys going to play with Slots more because of this?. I hope the Slots thats coming is unique to Stake only as i really love how Stake make their games.

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Steve reckons! Now this is something I am going to look at. I hope this Slots game is different on the old one. I am expecting better features like mega jackpot, more special scatters, special winning feat and a unique GUI that's livelier than the other Egyptian theme. I know Slots is way worse to consider in winning due to the HE but it is always good to have something new to play with. 😁

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I love slots, and it make me broke all the time 😅

But its true that with only one kind of slots at the end it turns boring, not always its necessary to change the system of the slot just only the theme or more reels or more/minus lines etc.

Hope this announcement not was April's fools day too 😁

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