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Nutucoin runs on Bitcoin Core 0.18 technology and is a peer-to-peer transparent and high security blockchain.

The mining process is available for everyone due to its powerful algorithm X16Rv2.

In the context of the world’s (SARS-COV2 COVID-19) pandemic, we have found ourselves with some more time reserved to be active in the online environment. Therefor we took seriously the World’s Health Organization recommendation to stay home as much as possible not just as a safety measure to protect ourselves and those around us but also as a good moment
to re-direct the most of our focus on NTU these days.

Our development team has been working restless under the radar to develop new products that will be revealed later this year and with their continuous dedication we also managed to improve the already launched product, our QT Wallet.

Here is what we have already done so far.

The development team launched NTU V1.0 QT Wallet once our new chain was activated and fully functional.

Our management team managed to get in contact with LUXCORE and we managed to fulfill their requirements
for the listing fee on their soon to be launched LUXGATE, the first real decentralised exchange.

The development team continued to improve the QT wallet and we now have the NTU V1.2 available
for the public.

The management and development team worked together to write and release
the WhitePaper of our project, which has been thoroughly written and analysed and is now available
for the public.

We reached out to a number of Exchanges in order to proceed with the listing process for NTU’s additional exchange listings.

We also managed to receive a free listing from EREX.io exchange, making EREX the first exchange where you can buy/sell NTU.

A word from our team.

“Honesty is one of the most important aspects for us and we want to ensure the highest level of trust and confidence between us and our community by providing honest answers and reviews of our development / business growth stages.”

The listing process on any serious exchange requires time but also requires some available funds to pay the listing fee required.

We have to agree that at this point the funding process is a bit heavy for our own powers, knowing the fact that NTU had no ICO, no PREMINE and no crowd-funding process to ensure the funds needed for this stage.

Even so, we united our powers and found a way to pay for the LUXGATE listing fee, which is the equivalent of One LUX Masternode (16.120 LUX Coins), our deposit address can be seen here: https://luxgate.io/.

We also have to mention that the LUX Coins we purchased for the listing on LUXGATE will always be in NUTU’s custody
but will only ensure NTU’s presence on LUXGATE when the coins will be active as a masternode for LUX.

Therefore, we call everyone from our community who wishes to support our growth and development donate as much as they wish in our BTC address that is present in the donation section on our official website.

We are also mentioning that our team will not entirely relay on the community’s help for this stage of our project, we are also continuously searching for third-party entities to join and support our project through various funding systems
and we will also come with rapid updates to our community as soon as an agreement has been reached on this subject and others.

Thank you,

The work for our team goes on even in these difficult times, because we know from history that those who worked most in times of crisis will be the first who see the sun when the storm is over.

EREX exchange on which the NUTUCOIN coin is traded here is registering under this link you will receive 1000 EREX: https://erex.io/account/signup/?ref=658  

Link to discord community:  https://discord.gg/wd5PgQa

Link to the official website:  http://nutucoin.com/

Link to the official pool: http://nutucoin.club/

Link to the official explorer:  http://explorer.nutucoin.club:3001/

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