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So i manage to wager 120$ in 1.6$ 

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That is cool bro. I guess you were having constant ups and downs to wager that much from small amount. But if you solely sacrifice the coins just for wager then with 20k sats you can wager more or less 0.02 btc. The strat uses 1.0102x payout with 1% increase on win. But i guess all of us dont wanna sacrifice any coins but struggle to win until we win ans wager at the same time. Grats bro

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Hello,i think So many times I wegar with small amount to very big .one time I just start game with 2k stoshi and I play minimum wegar like 1.5 plus Btc and I make 0.07 Btc profit. So many other times I play good wegar with small amount.it will be good.thank you

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