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How do you think about "EOS support" Change Feed (april 1st)

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Hello everyone,
Did you guys heared about new coin to play in stake?
Honstly I'm also didn't hear about that for long time after xrp launched.
But I just found EOS support in stake change log (april 1st).
I think that is refer to new coin as EOS I think. But not sure about that. 
How do you think about that ?
let me hear your thought guys.

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6 hours ago, marcos225 said:

They should add a stable USD coin like pax that would be cool

I agree to this not being "cool" though but it would give players a clear insight of things as if they are playing for real money and not converting coins for money. Beyond this, I wouldn't mind having an additional coin on the wallet list but it might get messy if they would add too much more in the future.

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This is a good news!. We need more coins available to play on Stake so we can pull more players to the site . There are certain types of people that support/fan of  a specific coin , if we add more we might attract these people , i have someone i know  thats a supporter of Monero . He told me he doesn't want to exchange his coins to other currencies to gamble because of the fees , he rather play it with the fix coin instead of exchanging and told me its a loss already after the fees before even playing.

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