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What your favorite food

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there are lots of food in my list. it depends on my mood. Biryani, pizza, chowmin, rosogolla, chilli chicken, kabab fuchka (panipuri / golgappa), chicken rolls and many more.. basically I am a food lover guy...... 😋😋😋

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Paella and almost anything seafood related

Grilled chicken as long as the chicken was in a saltbrine 

Picanha done over firewood cooking little salt/pepper and a touch of garlic


But the biggest comfort food for me is my grandma's soup. I remember spending time with her helping her prepare, from chopping the greens, onions, potatoes, carrots, ect to going to the butcher earlier in the week for her to get her a beef shank so she could salt it to make the broth for the soup.


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