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🎤 [0.0045 BTC] Stake Singing Contest 2020


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Here comes another giveaway for you! :) 

If you like to showcase your singing talents then it’s your time to shine. 🌟 

Be sure to do your vocal warm-ups before you sing and your voice will definitely sound better than the other contestants! 🎤 🎶 🎤 



  1. Record your song via smule (solo recordings only, no duets) , YouTube channel or any recording apps with TITLE: Stake Singing Contest 2020
  2. You can have the option to post it on ANY (1) social media you use (Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) with the hashtag: #StakeSingingContest2020 
  3. Post/comment the link of your recordings here on the thread 


Additional Requirements:

  1. You need to state your USERNAME and STAKE SINGING CONTEST 2020 as your apply with of your recording on this thread.
  2. Stake username must me at least 1 month old on the site. 
  3. You must have at least 5 post count on Forum.


*Available mods and supports will be the jury of this competition by the 17th April 2020.


Prize Pool:

  • 🥇 1st place: 0.0012 BTC
  • 🥈2nd place: 0.00075 BTC
  • 🥉3rd prize: 0.0006 BTC
  • 🏅4th prize: 0.0005 BTC
  • 🎖️ 5th -10th prize: 0.00025 BTC each


**Prizes will be sent to the username you mentioned in the recordings/connected Forum account.


I also provided a sample of the intro that you need to do:


Good luck, everyone! 🍀

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I would like to emphasize that you should say your STAKE USERNAME and STAKE SINGING CONTEST before you even start singing. You still have time left. Gl everyone 

14 hours ago, powerup1 said:


10 hours ago, caveman2528 said:


8 hours ago, Karim said:

I'm not really a great singer but here is my try lol

Stake ID: ahmedcena227


7 hours ago, ahmeddz said:

i hate sing but this my entry 



stake user ahmeddz


2 hours ago, automatic said:

i just try . there's no harm in tryin guys


Stake singing contest 2020



Say your username and stake singing contest before start singing. 

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I like singing but not in front of anyone. Not even my family (or friends). So this is me at 2 am when everyone went to sleep xD Only taking part cus no one knows me personally :P 
Ignore the first bit, not sure what I was trynna do lol, and also excuse me for the short audio - Simon raised his hand and cut me short!! (My recording randomly stopped midway actually) :/  Then I fell asleep, and now everyones awake sooooo what the hell, guess im just gonna use this snippet :) 

This is dedicated to our Queen B - Maroon 5 She will be loved 


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