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Should Stake add different modes?

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I’ve recently started to play a lot more video poker on various sites and while I do enjoy the basics of the game itself, I believe that there are other modes that can be implemented into Stake’s version for a complete user experience. Modes that can be switched to have different payouts would be fun to play around with versus always playing with the same payouts. 

For example, another site that I play on that uses prvably fair has 3 different modes: Jacks or better, 10’s or better and Bonus Poker. Each have different variations of how they are paid out and some pay out more for things and less for others, but it balances out as far as the difference between requirements to payout. For example, 10s or better only require the player to qualify for 1x payout with 10s instead of jacks, but it pays out 6x for a full house vs 9x with Jacks or better. There’s a couple of other differences. Bonus poker has higher payouts for quad A’s vs quad other cards and such. Other casinos also have Joker Poker and Deuces wild where the title cards act as wilds to complete the hand with lower payouts but higher frequency of making a hand, due to the wild cards. 

I believe if Stake added these different variations, it would not only provide users with the options of how they want to play, but also give the players more enjoyable experience with video poker. By all seen evidence, I’d say video poker is probably one of the least played games on Stake, so this might boost it’s games played amount and be a win-win for both the players and the site. 

Feel free to comment your thoughts on this and discuss if adding these would increase your interest or if it would stay relatively the same.

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You mean modifying how the game pays out like how they did it with Plinko, Keno, Sots and Mines? I agree to this, in a sense that the payouts must spread and stretch out to lower pairs and adjust the higher set of qualifying suits. Other than that, I don't see anything that we can do for it as the game is pretty straightforward.

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