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List Of World’s Richest Bitcoin Owners

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the example I will give you is a company, and not a special person, I am sure that there are owners who have huge amounts of money held in BTC. The company is Antminer, it is one of the largest companies that produces the mining devices BTC, ETH ...., which are then used on the market when they become less efficient. There were a few situations when it made BTC on the market and the norm price fell.

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As an example I could bring the founders of ANTMINER, which produces miner for BTC. The devices that are initially used by them to bring profit to the company, later when they reach a lower profitability it is sold. This can be clearly seen on the graphs of the increase of the power of the BTC network but also of the BTC price. You can make an analysis on bestonlineforexbroker.com, here is the link : https://www.bestonlineforexbroker.com/forex-brokers-south-africa/ and see this. Of course many of the holders of BTC are not known, so I could not give an exact name, but for sure there are people who have much larger fortune than this company in cryptocurrency.

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