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Can you make money with Blackjack?

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In most cases, it's not the Casino at fault. It's the tilted player at fault for not leaving. Responsible and experienced players know when to stop. They set a low and high benchmarks for themselves. If it's a good day and you are getting player favourable deck, go ahead, raise the stakes as that rarely happens on multi handed Blackjack. Move positions if you see that you are going on getting a 13,14 or 15 and players next to you are hitting Blackjack or cards beating the dealer. Not a good seat to be on.

So, when it comes to gambling, it's mostly losing players who blame the casino because they are neither responsible nor understand the strategy or simply tilt easily. Sure, there are bad days what your 20 is busted by dealer 21, or your 19 busted by dealer 20, well, take a break, freshen up a bit, take a walk and try going in for a fresh session with a positive attitude 😊

Finally, DON'T forget your side bets. Trust me, they are hell of a payout if you hit a straight flush, trips or 3 of a kind which is Suppa Cool payout 😊

Good luck!! 

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