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Can you make money with Blackjack?

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Hi RDx7,

For live blackjack: you can make money on Blackjack! Part of it is luck, but there are things you can do to lower the house edge closer to 0% by simply counting cards. 2 to 6 = +1, 7 to 9 = 0, and 10 to A = -1 . As the cards come you just add or subtract as necessary to help you win bigger bets should the count be low. This is called the running count. The true count is when you do a quick calculation to determine the true count by dividing your running count by the number of decks to be dealt, it's an easy rough estimate. 

For first-person electronic blackjack: proceed with caution. 

Good luck on your endeavours! 

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Nah, not on stake blackjack. If you play for long enough you see repetitive patterns for the dealers hands, that are almost always detrimental to your balance. You can literally tell what theyre going to have half the time. If youre feeling lucky play a few hands but not much more than that.

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Short term - sure.   When you're dealing with a game (assuming you play proper strategy) that is in the 46-48% range for player - you can catch a streak, make some money and leave.   Stay long enough though - you'll lose it back.

Or, you can do what I just did.   $150 and I was betting $4 hands.   Lost 17 of the first 19 hands - including 2 double downs.   Down $68 in minutes  - suddenly balance is at $82.  Up my bet to $6 - get to $110.   Then lose 15 of 18 include 1 more double and 1 split with a double (so technically 2 doubles)

Threw away the balance on a couple large bets.

In approx. 125 hands, the dealer had blackjack 11 times (theoretically 4% chance for blackjack - so statistically should get 5) while I had 2 (one of which was a push - so in truth the dealer was dealt blackjack 12 times - 9.6%.).

Years ago when I learned the game, someone told me was the only way to make money, was to win your splits and doubles.   Some truth to it as the dealer doesn't bet, you do.  Kind of one of the planks of card counters right?  Where they see a favorable deck and increase their bet size.   Well, if you're not winning splits and doubles, you're on a grind to $0.

I appreciate that it's supposedly provably fair, but when I get more coin deposited, if anyone can analyze json files - I have thousands of hands now.   I am real curious as to a few things.   Namely, how when the dealer shows a 10-K and I am at 19, what % of the time is the hidden card another 10-K.    30% of cards are these, yet the % of times the hidden card is a 10-K (especially when I'm at 19) seems double that.   Would love to see what the history bears out and will pay someone who knows how to read and decode the files they offer.



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On 12/7/2020 at 2:28 PM, Ellala said:

\When you have the intention to earn cash, you almost fail.

"Scared Money Don't Make Money"

When you need to win - that's when the slump hits.   When you're playing poker and need this pot - that's when your AA gets cracked by 7-8

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