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Limbo Multiplier win

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I been trying to hit some crazy multiplier wins on limbo it hasnt happened.

I wanna know if you guys have some lucky numbers to go for.

My highest multiplier i hit on limbo is like 100x 

Replay with ur guys highest multiplier wanna se if u guys are lucky :)

Have a nice guy everyone Stay inside and stay safe 

Leave ur stake name im gonna hook up the one with the biggest Multiplier 

on crip.png

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Why does it matter? You basically played there less than I could've image that someone can gamble, I know tthat gambling is for pleasure..but dude..you're happy with 0.000xx doge on x90. Even 1 doge was nothing, even 10...

Anyway, I use limbo when I go high 0.01 or 0.02 btc on 1.2x max i got was 1.3 and i sucked at it. 

Funny fact, from this reload bonus i made 40k doges and lost on limbo just 1 hit at 1.11x haha

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lol your biggest is only 100x ? you have to go for bigger multipliers at limbo its good for that, i got 132kx once, then 56kx then 67kx, then 20kx, then 8kx, then many times above 3kx, its not like i am getting those frequently but i had played like millions of rolls till now at limbo.

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