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How the reload treated you so far?


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this time i missed so many hours without claiming, i wasted these 5 days reload, though i won 5k trx but then i busted as well, so this time no i wasnt able to make enough for withdrawl, and also this time i felt kind a bored with this reload because amount wasnt good, last time i got 1500 sats per reload and this time 800.

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My experience about the 10-minute reload:

     Since the first easter 10-minue reload, I was so excited to claim every 10 minutes since my reward per claim was 10 doge (not that much). Instead of saving it for a bigger balance, I just straight up bet every claim and ended up losing, until the event was over. I think I was so greedy that I think that I could win big even though for a small balance. 

When the reload event will return, I promise to myself to save all of those reloads until, bet safely and not rushing it. For those who saw this post, please dont bet aggressively like me. I've learned my lesson, and so the people who failed saving or winning big during this event.😅 

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9 hours ago, Killlm said:

I got an offer to load, but my reload reward was very low, so I wasn't happy with the reload, so I didn't reloads

Same as mine. I didn't claim it as it was low. 


6 hours ago, joshuaolivio said:

due to reload i manage to wager 100$ which i unlocked the chatbox :D 

i got 770 Satoshi every 10minutes and managed to withdraw .002 Btc

770 satoshi and you didn't even wagerd 100$ before! That's cool. You were lucky to get higher amount. 

6 hours ago, Official24 said:

I spend 12 hours in front of the screen, claimed every 10 minutes. 
get $ 10, and play on the dice to $ 50. 12 hours I paid off with $ 50 😄

Well done there. I wish to have good run like this. Nothing big but something from free.

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