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Investing in CS:GO items

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Hello, i wanted to ask if there are any people who invested in CS:GO items since its very profitable to get some income? For example you buy stickers from major, they make it x3 price in 1 year and raising all the time because people use it and it become very rare

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Well.. if you're talking about going for a csgo skin investment (like waiting for years to go up), I think its hard to accomplish since it takes months or even years for you to be able to sell it in profits, but what if the skin that you're investing last 3 years ago didn't change its price at all, it will be a huge bust since you sacrifice a ton of time on it just to sell a single or just a couple of skins, but if you're talking about profit, I think its a 50/50 unless you sell it to some 3rd party websites like bitskins, and etc., that might give you a chance  since steam market charge you 13 or 15% of the fees that you're about to selling and buying. In conclusion its worth a risk, its like selling lands that raise its price annually. 🙂

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