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My gambling story and how I got into crypto

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Basically a few years ago being a regular sports bettor I used to bet at 365 and they were pretty good. Then as I was betting someone told me about bitcoins those days and I initially wasn't too interested in bitcoins because I didn't knew what exactly the use was and never thought of it as an investment. But when a friend told me that we can bet at primedice using bitcoins, I actually got into bitcoins and made some bets which then amazed me and that's how I started crypto gambling and how I got going with bitcoins and crypto in general.

Then I found stake and my sports betting got going with crypto too :D 


What I love about stake are following things:

1- Instant withdrawals because other website takes at least 10-20 mins and I want no waiting for my coins.

2- 24/7 support and that actually solves problems not just a automated reply.

3- chat box that makes me feel like a family.

many more but these are the main things for now :)

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I totally agree with what you mentioned above, I like playing here too because this site is very fair so I can continue to play and still be able to make profits even though the amount is not much and also has a very nice appearance to see.

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