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What coins you hold ?


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I have been very confused for a few days because bitcoin will be halving soon and I really want to buy it in quite a lot because the price hasn't gone up, but I also want to buy another coin.

can you tell me what coins are good to hold besides bitcoin and what coins you currently hold ?

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14 hours ago, Limbo said:

If you want to Hold best coin than btc then you can hold ETH now...eth will surely give you much profit as ETH trader number increase day by day and it's price also high..if you want to know about eth history price then you can see it's the second best currency which price is high...now eth price around 189usd and there has a chance to increase it price more...so if you want you can hold it..

Moreover xrp also goof coin..it's price increase day by day like magic... Mostly in gambling people use xrp...if you can hold xrp for long term then it will be profitable in future...

thank you for the advice you gave, I have done hold for eth and xrp but the amount is still small because I suffered losses when gambling  😂. How do you respond to BCH does he have a good price?

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I currently hold a few Ethereum and wait for them to break out again. I also hold a few satoshis which I use to gamble here though. Then obviously a bunch of Dogecoin but these just for tipping other people with. And then a big bunch of smaller amounts of multiple coins in multiple tipbots, nothing really interesting there though. 

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Currently I am not holding any coin, I just joined this forum and learning about crypto. I will trade very soon. I think there must be some experience to start trading. In trading, no doubt we can make good money within a short period of time, but there is a risk factor also. 

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2 hours ago, evet said:

Im holding all btc now, converted everything to btc. I have a good feeling about this because bitcoin will undergo halving soon. 

I also have a little bitcoin, I also have high hopes in bitcoin when halving and can make new prices so that it can give me a lot of profit, I also try to increase savings by playing gambling. But a little risk with the hope of getting more.

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I prefer to divide my investment balance and I have about 50% of these money in Bitcoin, about 20% are invested in Ethereum, other 30% I spread among BNB, ERD, ONE, EOS, ADA and some other less popular cryptocurrencies. I trust only project and coins which have big trading volumes and pretty huge community 

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