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I have a strategy for limbo!

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In gambling people use different strategy to get much profit from any gambling game... But in limbo it's most easy to get profit by follow some strategy...i have a strategy that i always follow when going to play limbo..

In limbo firstly i set 1.5x target and when i lose in two bet i set up target to 5x but again when i lose 5 bet i increase it to 10x and again 20x,40x..thus i increase my target and after losing many bet i hit my target by follow this strategy and it give me much profit though sometimes i lose by follow it...but it's best i think..

We know limbo is the easiest way to earn profit in gambling so guys what strategy you follow in limbo usually?? Hope it will be helpful for me

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If your looking for the big payout you gotta make the numbers come out for instance 50k right well off with a few bets at that number than lower it back 2 or 5 your basically telling the system that your looking for that number now its up to you on how to hit on that number or when its gonna come out make sense. well good luck on hunting  your dream Muiltiplier 999999.00

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On 4/26/2020 at 2:01 PM, Mashfiqun2018 said:

This is risky to be honest if you don't manage your bankroll. The increasing multiplier can lead to quite a long loss streak sometimes. So better play with caution. I usually hunt for a fixed target with a fixed increase on loss.

Yup i am agree with you that we need to set up a target then go through with it and increase the amount whenever need to increase but if that strategy not work we need to follow another strategy and it always happen with us that no strategy work always like i get lose by follow my strategy..


On 4/27/2020 at 12:56 AM, sahil777 said:

 this is a very comon method of playing limbo,but the thing is nothing can work all the time, when game changes its behaviour you dont know, but well its good for you if its working keep playing like that untill limbo change its pattern of rolling.

Yup it's common and it's don't happen always... I was playing limbo with this strategy and it's work quite well but when i earned a big profit i become greedy and keep play with this strategy but later i realized i am playing in wrong seed then lose my all money..😔

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