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Dice Stratagies! Win 2/3 of the Time!

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Well Lets Start this post by saying there is 'no elevator to succes, take the stairs'.

There is no stratagies to winning every time. But there is staratagies to lower the risk of loosing.

Let me explain. Have you ever lost multiple times at dice?

Well, we all did. And sometimes when you loose big, you even go bigger and you loose that too. 


Strategy #1

Be open minded. Don't bet continouesly and dont get frastuarted when you loose. Keep your bets the same all the times. If youre betting 10k and you lost 3 times, well bad luck. You might be luckier on the other rolls. As I said this is pure luck, and by following this strataegy you avoid big losses.

Strategy #2 

1Big roll

1 small roll

Scientifically in casino this has been proven to be one of the best methods of betting. Some how human brain can make a 'predicted pattern' even though there is none which might therefor work or even make you feel less horrible when you loose.

It all depends on luck and how you bet so good luck to all!

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Nice strategy you got there :) ,our temper really in playing dice is the one that leads us to either winning or loosing. If we're short tempered then we'll just have this extinct of doing martingale on our bet especially if we're losing already but theres really this monster of reds streak coming that we taught its already green but end up as empty balance in the end if we'll not control our temper. :)

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On 12/30/2017 at 6:26 PM, akki785 said:

It seems to me a bit advice rather than a strategy. But still, feels good to read that..

Thanks for those words..

Good luck and happy holidays to you and your family..

i agree with you man lol xD


thanks anyway for the post :D good luck all

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