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2020 exchange battle can Mt.Gox once again highlight the encirclement

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In April 2020, former Mt. Gox shareholder Albert. Jey decided to restart the Mt. Gox exchange.

MT.GOX is the earliest professional Bitcoin exchange in the world. Occupied 70% of the world's bitcoin transactions. In July 2010, Jed McCaled created the MT.GOX Bitcoin exchange in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. It has been 10 years.

As a veteran exchange, under the fierce trend of digital currency exchanges, it still relies on its own strength to rank in the world-class exchange ranking. MT.GOX is determined to serve global high-quality blockchain projects and promote the development of the global blockchain industry. With the vigorous promotion of industrial blockchain in the world, Mt.Gox is expected to invest 26,000 BTC as a market incentive after the restart. It is expected that the reward plan will end and Mt.Gox will enter the top three positions in the exchange's world ranking. This time back to the digital currency exchange field, MT.GOX will focus on the development of the Chinese language market, and the existing Chinese language customers will occupy the main position in the cryptocurrency market. Mt.Gox will develop loan services, blockchain games, decentralized contract transactions, blockchain live broadcasting, issuance of platform tokens, etc. Dedicated to the global blockchain industry and technological innovation, it is the Contribute to development.

Since the birth of Bitcoin and blockchain, all kinds of criticisms have been continuous, but with the development of science and technology in recent years and the general improvement of the world's user recognition, the recent blockchain industry has been popular, especially in China. Formally included in the "new infrastructure" category, and ready to invest up to 38.9 billion, the blockchain industry has gradually entered the era of the big wave. As an important part of the blockchain ecosystem, the competition between digital currency exchanges is becoming increasingly fierce, and the continuous bear market of digital currencies and the difficulty of increasing users have also cast a layer on the operation and competition of digital currency exchanges. Thick dark clouds.

The current battle for digital currency exchanges is not only a battle for strength and user traffic, but also a battle for ideas and strategiesq

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That was not the one exchange that according to were hacked and the users were harmed? I don't know if it is worth trusting them, but that happened a long time ago, maybe they will attract a newer public in this cryptocurrency issue. Thanks for giving this info friend

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