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My song for Plinko 1000x payout is "Killing me softly"


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PLINKO: 21,318,086,449

placed by hunter on 01/05/2020


0.00030000 bch.svg




0.29970000 bch.svg


Agreed that I hit it but you know how many rolls it took before I hit it?  




Almost 16.5K rolls thats why I said in the title my song for Plinko is "KILLING ME SOFTLY"  because I almost ended up 0 balance. I'm so happy that Plinko still loves after not playing for a while and still get a good wagered amount in bch plus a profit 😏.

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On 5/1/2020 at 2:46 AM, Ali saher said:

Ohh very nice you play 16.5k rolls for hunt 1000x multiplayer I think you have so.much patience. I just play few rolls like max 1k but I not hit a single time 1000x multiplayer. But I hope one day very soon I hit this.


I'm already run out of balance i supposed to hit it even bigger but I chose not to risk more bch . That's why the profit is not that big but like what I've mentioned on post I'm somehow satisfied since I also wagered a lot of BCH. ;) 

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So many rolls just for play plinko? you have a good patience. But at least you hit 1000x and get profit for that. I ever try more than 10k rolls and no 1000x but sometimes i try for only 300 and 600 rolls hit that payout. A few times i bust hundreds dollars just for plinko. Plinko really funny and annoying game😅.

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