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Brave Browser Brings Binance Integration to All Desktop Users

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Privacy-focused web browser Brave has integrated the Binance widget into the latest stable release across all of its desktop offerings. 

An announcement on April 30 notes that the widget is enabled by default, placing the Binance cryptocurrency exchange in front of all of the browser’s millions of desktop users.

Previously the widget was only available for testing in Brave Nightly and Beta versions.

Any user opening a new tab or window in the browser is clearly presented with the new Binance widget along with the Brave rewards widget on the right side of the page.

They are then prompted to connect the widget to their Binance account, and once authenticated can view their held assets and trade to their heart’s content.

As well as a summary of the assets held, users can buy cryptocurrency, deposit assets onto the exchange and convert between any asset supported.

As the widget is built directly into the browser it preserves user privacy, and will only communicate with the Binance API through authenticated user interaction.

Users can easily disconnect the widget, preventing the browser from further interaction with their account unless it goes through the authentication process again. While the widget is enabled by default, those who wish to can manually hide it. 

Brave browser currently has over 13.5 million active monthly users across all platforms. The Binance widget is currently integrated into all desktop versions of the software, for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

It will be available for Brave’s mobile browser versions on Android and iOS later in the year.

Source: https://cointelegraph.com/news/brave-browser-brings-binance-integration-to-all-desktop-users

nice news for everyone using brave and for crypto in general, now people using brave will see a fast and easy way to get some crypto right on the starting page

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I still don't understand how to earn on brave browser. I used the app for a while but didn't understand how to get BAT and the rest.

Will appreciate it, if you enlighten me a bit.

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This browser is a browser supported by Google and is good in terms of search and safety operations and provides you with a suitable firewall for safe sites but in terms of arithmetic mining is not good and the limits of clouds are high and it requires that the computer be kept up and running all the time and I am not sure that it pays real I have read Much about it

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On 5/3/2020 at 6:50 AM, Aponix said:


I used this browser, it is very good and light, it also gives prizes for its referral system. thanks for being informed friend and sharing updates with the community

A brave browser, uses the exchange of binance, in order to have integration. This is definitely done for the better, to use this browser. 

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Dude, me having brave browser a primary browsing software feels that it keeps me safe from getting sold by google, I using google in the past, but it has some security issues like some speculations or maybe a fact that it collects your data and being sold to advertisers (like when you're often watching cat videos or websites that is pertaining to cats, google collects your search history, sell it to the advertisers, and sends you cat ads). In brave browser I'm more willingly trusting brave as a safe browser since they're partnered with duckduckgo (a search engine that doesn't collect you data at all!). Brave browser may have ads of their own, but its random, it can be seen that they aren't tracking your search histories or collecting data for adverts, and while it has ads, it gives you some of their ad revenues and converted it into BAT coins. BTW brave has its own adblocker so, yeah its a neat extension for it. The new update is flawless for crypto investors or buyers since you can buy cryptocurrency with their binance widget in the home page. What a cool update😁

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i know brave browser when this app give coin BAT for they user and untill now im still using it because  faster browser and light as well

On 10/5/2020 at 9:47 PM, Potato69 said:

Can I use add blocker with this browser?

Brave browser already have add blocker, so you can use it for a free

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