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If there is a team that needed a break, is Arsenal , it has been performing badly , really since the last we saw Wenger on that field, at least with him we were winning the FA cup, but today , Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta is doing some Changes, there is a lot being changed, and sometimes with the new players coming in and the lack of trophies in site, always sees the star footballers leaving the club, it has been in talks that Auba could also be leaving , being offered a lot of money for that and him being the top scorer not only in Arsenal but on EPL , could see him leave, but my shock is Lacazette, though a very good striker/winger, he has been able to prove himself to so many clubs, and its happening, he might be leaving the club very soon for Athletico Madrid, could be true, could be rumors, but to me as an Arsenal fun I would love him stay but we can have a better strike, I think , he scores but misses so many chances.

What do you think?

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Really Lacazette is leaving, well thats a new one, but I think he is a good guy you look at his scores and you understand he has been doing some great work , arsenal needs some guys that can do the job, lacazette can and as you have stated , he is not consistent , you got to keep the ball 80% inside the net as a striker, but if you as a striker your rate is possibly 50% of the time you are missing , then we need at least another effective striker

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