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In my opinion limbo is the worst game mode

Over 50 rolls of me trying to hit a 5x on it.

So if u wanna win guys dont play limbo go something better like sports betts .

Do you guys like limb0 ?


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Just now, Elpadrino said:

This isn't how you play limbo man, you should bet small and hunt for 10k x or more i saw many winns like this, I dont like limbo because when you hunt for 1.24x it goes 1.23x and i hate that moment.

i have tried to hunt high multipliers many times it never hits for me.

I should just keept play sports instead so 10kx its no odds of it hitting bud . 

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46 minutes ago, peaz said:

He intentado cazar multiplicadores altos muchas veces, nunca me alcanza.

Debería seguir haciendo deporte, así que 10kx no tiene posibilidades de que llegue a brote. 

Hola muy buen dia, en mi opinión es algo difícil el juego, requiere  de mucha practica, solo de esa manera podremos  saber como ganarle 

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I don't think so that limbo is the worst game and you know very well casino game fully depend on your luck...it's your bad luck that you can't hit 5x only after 50bet....but still there has many history that people hit 10kx in just by 35bet...so everything depend on your luck bro..another advice for you,whenever you see no good payout come to you,just change the seed because sometimes change seed becomes profitable

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