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Hi guys, how are my names? Is Cassandra and they asked me if they could help me with a question I have and I hope they can help me. The thing is that they will see that I am interested in online random games and that type of topics and I decided to look for myself. in google and it gave me a result of a bookmaker but since I have zero knowledge of this I ask you if you could help me this is the house that caught my attention:

Betrebels is one of the registered trademarks of Rebels Gaming Limited, a Malta registered company controlled by the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority).
The site has been linked since 2011 and has always focused on transparency and user trust, offering high-quality programs, products and support.
with nothing more to add just wait

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8 minutes ago, Baqee said:

Exactly! She or he isn't making any point! I think Topics should be reviewed before posting.  


 Dang! At first, I dont know whats his/her point about making a this topic if he/she asking for assistance or something, and at the end of his/her statement, the sentences went confusing. When I saw you're post that the person is not making any point or sense at all, It blew my mind. Big PP 😂 

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