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[0.0045 BTC] Home Is Where the 🐾 Is | Discord Challenge

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Home Is Where the 🐾 Is

Pets leave paw prints on your heart! 😊

Greetings, dear Discordians! 🙋‍♀️

You know how people say that we don't have better friends than our pets? 🐶 Well, I am in total accordance with that statement, and I think that most people would agree. 😻Considering that fact, I would like you to post the pictures of your pets, post his/her name and describe them, what do you love to do with them, whether they have some interesting habit. 😊 The ones that don't have any pets, they can post a picture of the one they wish they had, state the name which they wish to give, and why would they like to have that very animal. 🙈 🐱💻

Prize Pool:

Will be distributed equally among all users who really spend some time on this. :) Make sure to post your entry on Discord, and add a screenshot of it on this topic! 

Best of luck, animal lovers! 😽


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This is a Discord challenge, thus you need to post it on Discord first, and then post the screenshot of the post you made on Discord here. :)

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