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ūüŹĀ Stake Race Lottery! ūüŹĀ

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Welcome to the Stake Race Lottery! ūüŹĀ

For more information about prizes, how to win & rules check here

Entries will be listed below with 1-2 numbers next to their name. These numbers represent the range at which you can win and your number of tickets.

Example: If race position 1 has 20 BTC wagered, position 2 has 10 BTC wagered & position 3 has 5 BTC wagered you would see this.

Player 1: 1-20
Player 2: 21-30
Player 3: 31-35

Winning numbers!
$500 - Grahamesko! (128)
$300 - blockbet! (156)
$200 - Pomelo777! (178)

Claim prizes here!

Entry List

jdagger (1-75)
1000bon (76-117)
Grahamesko (118-141)
blockbet (142-160)
chingchong123 (161-177)
Pomelo777 (178-187)
Sarah19Tx (188-197)
fandebinouze (198-204)
Soudce (205-210)
Chris0607 (212-216)
gnuanizer (217-221)
bubba1666 (222-225)
j0hmzkee (226-229)
futurefarmer (230-232)
Dave82 (233-234)
somayesarlak (235-236)
newdikky (237-238)
avi686 (239-240)
Snoop5000 (241-242)
itzEthology (243-244)
Chocoandre (245-246)
rohini123 (247-248)
OlivierBank (249-250)
Babbo26 (251-252)

Bitcoin block hash 1

Bitcoin block hash 2

Bitcoin block hash 3
repeat winner on to the next hash!


The randomly generated number that decides the winners
If you remember previous Stake lotteries on the forum the RNG will follow the same procedure 

Open this page: https://stake.com/provably-fair/calculation

Fill in the following information:

Game: Dice
Client Seed: RaceLottery
Nonce: 100
Server Seed: The server seeds will be the first, second and third Bitcoin block hashes after 2:15 pm GMT. 15 minutes after the race ends so I have time to make the entry list. If the same person wins we move to the next hash.

Once a server seed is found the entire number for the result will then be multiplied by the total number of entries and then add 1 to find a winner. The +1 is there because the number 0 is possible and without it the last person on the list loses an entry from how this calculation works.

To test this yourself use an example server seed with 1000 total entries 

Server Seed Example: Stake

The results would be: 0.281972644618

0.281972644618*1000 = 281.972644618
281+1 = 282

The winning ticket would be 282

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wow that sound nice, activity all time stake haha

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