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Do you use lucky charms while betting?


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Luck items.... Of course I do. 

1. Lucky hand wash.  When things aren't going my way and reds are piling up, I use my hand wash to rinse away the bad luck.  Grab an Orangina, and go back at it.

2. Tiny dice.  There is always a tiny die nearby to shake around. 

3. Mint proof 1978 Eisenhower dollar.  Stays in my pocket, always.



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Only those who don't know what they're doing keeps lucky charms and dolls while gambling. Outside God and having complete control of how I play my game here, there's no lucky charm that I use cause its just a waste of time. Play according to how you think is comfortable for you and let God do the rest. Some times we win and some times we keep winning. Lolzzz

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