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Bust only


bust $ or win $  

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  1. 1. what is your first step after getting bust?

    • stop playing
    • deposit more
    • start asking player to help
    • never had one its not true

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Getting bust is a part of the game. Some days you win and some days you lose. Just try to limit your play everyday... Don't be greedy ...get your profit and be content. Discipline is the key. Players think that they found a safe Strategy and it will make me millions then you are wrong. This is gambling... You will lose at some point. The key is how much Profit you make before losing. And never play All in Strategies for that 1.01 or 1.1 odds

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Winning is the best feeling you can get, but losing is part of gambling. I knew that when I started playing and it helped me deal with it better. When I start losing a lot I stop playing because I am too mad to be able to play normally. I really get mad when the casino is lagging and I keep losing because of it. That is why I play on  https://qqclubs.com/slot-games . They have really great offers and I never had any issues with them. It is really worth checking it out.

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After i bust i immediately search how to get some funds to try to recover but luckily i dont have crypto in my wallet in lots of times otherwise i would be losing it all after rage bets but i always search to claim challanges bonuses coupon codes and reload to play with and most of the time i lose it aswell in the end.. 😢 

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After I bust, I will remember the bad feeling and try to not repeat it again. Then for the next time, I set a limit to how much I can lose, for example if I lose more than 0.01 satoshi then immediately stop. This is easier said than done, because many times I think the green roll have to come, especially after a very long red streak... but this kind of mindset of mine, often let me to bust. So I really try to stop after my stop limit.

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I stop playing, in this case I need a little break ... I tried many times to keep playing, but every time I ended up in failure. I only had one good moment when I used https://csbetway.app/. Then I was very lucky and I won a rather large amount. This was the first and last time that I won a large sum of money after a boost. Unfortunately, I could not repeat this success, in contrast to my friend. For some reason, he is constantly lucky for big wins after the boost. I really don't understand what this is connected with ...

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