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Are you satisfied with Stake?

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On 5/16/2020 at 11:10 AM, Freddyzone7 said:

Fairly generous. I can only compare to physical casinos. They are WAY more generous then stake. I usually get rooms, meals and shows comp'd.  When (If) Covid 19 starts to come good, we will see where my money goes. I do like Eddies stream, at least some get a little back.

I'm in Canada but to be honest Stake has even better comps than casinos here. I get comped maybe a "$800" room once a week after I wagered 500k in a night. Over 250k lost there and no more than $10k in comps. Stake has given me way more than that for only 20k loss at my lowest. Plus on top of that they have rakeback which most casinos don't offer to anyone who walks in with less than 100k cash. 

Stake is THE best online casino available as far as I can tell. There may be some Vegas casinos that offer better comps but to be honest I doubt it. Especially for most low rollers. 

I'm not a whale but maybe a low end high-roller. I go to the casino with 10-100k at at time and to be honest the only thing better at real casinos is the atmosphere. The comps I believe are still better at stake.


Especially if you prefer to play in private I think stake can't be beat. 

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I am completely satisfied with stake up to now. Not only have they continuously putting out UI updates, they were successful in implementing the live casino games, while still having a stake twist on it.

The only thing that I could say that Stake need now is poker, but that might take a lot more time than simply adding casino live games :) 

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I am pretty much new to stake and to be honest, I am very satisfied with how it's going here - the mods are friendly, and nice to me - in support they dont use copy messages. The chat is always welcoming me and active. 


Then in the casino part I am very happy there's evolutiongaming, but as pug said^^ it needs poker. :D 

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Stake is great. only complain fix the damn eddie errors and lags. whats the point of overloading with casinos games when sports book runs like a turtle. think about it if you want to be on top. its 2020 and 1st Octorber. get rid of the stake3.0 poop and bring back old stake old forum. make stake great again.

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