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[0.0045 BTC] Most Embarrassing Moments 🙈| Discord Challenge

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Most Embarrassing Moments 🙈

Hello there!

It's my turn to hang out with you again. I hope that you are doing fine and that you are in a mood for this next Discord Challenge! 

This time I want to hear some interesting stories from you and I hope that you are going to share them with me despite the topic 😊

I'm sure that someone already asked you this question before and that you have at least one answer to it if not a couple of them (as it is the case with me 🙈), so I would like to know what's your biggest embarrassment?


Don't forget that this is a discord challenge, so comment your reply on Discord and then post a screenshot under this post.


Prize Pool:

1st place0.0008 BTC

2nd place0.0005 BTC

3rd place0.0003 BTC

4th-10th place0.0002 BTC

11th-25th place0.0001 BTC

Good luck! 😊

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For embarrassing moments, I have had many. Started out as a kid in a grocery store, about 10 years old. Wasn’t listening to my mother and grabbed a 4 litre jug of mustard.  Glass jar broke and mustard plastered both sides of the shelves, what a mess. It was like a bomb went off. That isle was out of action for a few hours. Worse part was my mother made me go find the store manager and tell him what I did. Another one was when I was 17 when I was working with my father at a large manufacturing plant. My first real job, so I wanted to make a good impression. Accidentally brought all the power down to the plant do to clumsiness. Everyone looked over my way. I felt 2 inches high. So many more, I could write a book. Looking back, some I laugh at, some I cringe at.  It all makes us who we are.


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Burning garbage is my biggest embarrassing moment, the lady caught me. She told me.

What do you do with garbage during a fire from the bin. Policemen and fire brigade, and

later policemen take me to my parents. I don't do that anymore haha.

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When i was in the party, with many hot girls. And all of the girls has a crush on me but i already know it because I'm handsome.hahaha then a few moments my mother call me then she said that GO HOME!. I don't know that they here it then girls called me Mama's boy. I'm so embarrassed

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