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Accidental bonus on deposit(big win)


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So this was years ago, I had just gotten into to gambling. I only played poker and alot of blackjack at the time.

So I had a bad run on the site I usually play on and lose my whole balance and I had already hit my max deposit. I was frustrated so go on to another known site thinking im just gonna play a little blackjack and try to win back my money. I make a deposit and start playing some bj and get really lucky, go from 50$ to around 150$ if i remember correctly. I go right to the withdrawing page and find out that i can't withdraw anything because Ive selected a bonus when I deposited (at the time I did not know how bonuses worked). Because of the bonus I apparently need to waeger 1500%(not sure but it was alot) of my deposit before I can withdraw. The thing I did not understand with the bonus was that it needed to be waegered on slots. I had never played slots and all I knew was that casinos have a high edge on slots.

Because of this im thinking my money is lost, there is no way I will be able to waeger that much. Therefore I go back to playing blackjack but im treating my money as play money. This I remember very clearly, I go all in right away and get a blackjack. I keep playing carelessly and after 15 rounds with very few losses I now have a balance of over 2500$. Now I realise just can waeger 1500% of 50$ which is 750$ and still go with a big profit. I go to the slots and select "book of dead" I select max bet(50$ i think) and click spin... ON MY FIRST SPIN I WIN 800$. I don't think it is real im jumping up and down. I keep on spining and eventually I can withdraw my money. 

This happened in in less then 1 hour, from deposit to withdrawing my money.  I am able to withdraw 2800$.


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