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​​⚔️​​ General VIP Battle Rules ​​⚔️​

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⚔️ Welcome to VIP Battles! ⚔️

⚔️ There will always be ONE TASK for all the participants of the battle.

⚔️ We will have some general VIP Battle rules listed down below, and these are going to be applied to every battle we organise in the future. 

  • There will be a corresponding number of teams to the number of VIP hosts competing against each other.
  • Every Battle will last for a week.
  • The number of participants in team will be determined and balanced based on the Team Sufficiency.
  • Members will be chosen using the method explained in the topic: How to join a team and participate in battles.
  • List of the participants and the waiting list will be posted in the designed section for that given team.
  • List of the participants for a specific Battle will be posted in the opening topic of the Challenge.

⚔️ Challenge Rules:

  • Minimum bet amount is 0.00000500 BTC (or the equivalent in other currencies)
  • Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion.
  • Battle entry must be made from the account linked to your Forum account.
  • Only the bets made by VIPs that are noted in the lists of the participants for the given battle will be counted in.
  • Entries made by users that are not part of any team would be deleted, as they are not eligible to participate in this event.
  • Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread.
  • You are free to post 11 bets for your Team, as long as they fulfill the requirements.
  • Please, do not edit your first post, but add new bets in a separate comment / reply.

⚔️ Battle With a Twist

  • Every Battle will have a Twist.
  • The Twist will be noted in the opening topic.
  • The Twist can be some additional prize for those who fulfill certain requirements: additional reload, forum rewards, wild cards, material award etc.
  • Every Battle will have a different Twist.
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