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Suggestion to counter Reload Farmers

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So as we all know Stake just increased the minimum wd and minimum tip amount by a lot especially on Doge and LTC. I believe they did this to counter Reload Farmers.
I don't know if this is just temporary or not, but In my opinion this is not a win-win solution for all especially for us regular players who put money and play here.

I wanna offer a solution. Only accounts that meet Deposits requirement will get reload/monthly coupons, let's say at least $20 deposits in the last 30 days. So those reload farmers which i believe most of them never even deposit or only deposit some small amount will not get reload/monthly coupon. I believe this is a win-win solution for all and $20 in a month is not that much if you are a regular player.
I really hope Stake Admin can consider my suggestion. Thank You :)

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