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Why I love dice

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Though I haven't been able to play dice on this stake forum but am looking forward to playing it, there is a reason why I love it, the reason it being that you can be able to really work as hard and put on some statistics that can help you move forward that it being that you can place the price to a certain point, I mean , you can place the take profit,  on a 50-50 chance but the problem is , you need to be careful to check it time to time, dont take to many rolls, it might end up not giving you some profit, just start with around 10 rolls and hope that your wins will be more than your losses, thats the reason why I love dice,I have practiced it for a while, and the probability of wining and losing on dice giving it a 50-50 chance, the odds are really good, but hope you win more on your chances , than you lose. 

Other reasons, I dont know, and hoping I get to practice them to, there are about 11 games in the casino that are not related to sports so there must be one that am good at.

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