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⚔️ Prize Pool Distribution ⚔️

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Hey there, VIP Stakers! ⚔️


We hope you are all ready for the upcoming VIP Battle round #4, and this time between 6 teams who will all give their best to win the Battle trophy for the month of May🏆

But we come to one of the most important questions - how would the prize pool be distributed this time? We have some essential changes in this regard, to treat all the players equally and give every Team an equal chance to win, no matter the number of participants each team has. 

So, let us begin... 

⚔️ Prizes would depend on your team's participation and your own contribution to the team win. Max amount per player is capped, so it's up to you and your Team to get the max out of it! ⚔️

You can post maximum 11 bets (maximum number of points per player is 30), and each of them would bring different amount of points:

  • 1st entry - 10 points
  • 2nd entry - 5 points
  • 3rd entry - 4 points
  • 4th entry - 3 points
  • 5th entry - 2 points
  • 6th-11th entry - 1 point

As the teams won't have exact number of players, the points they collect would be recalculated to Team efficiency, based on the maximum potential points they can score.

e.g. If your Team has 30 players, and each of them could contribute to the overall win with 30 points, that gives maximum of 900 points your team could reach. The number of points your team managed to score during the Battle would be recalculated into the Team efficiency, as it's compared to the max number of points they could have achieved. If they collected 800 points out of potential 900, that would mean that the team efficiency was 88.88%.

⚔️ After the points are recalculated to Team efficiency percentage, exact rank of each team (1st to 6th) on the leaderboard would be determined. Exact rank your team got would show what the maximum prize for users from each of the teams are. ⚔️


⚔️ Maximum prize for user from:

  • 1st ranked team - 0.02 BTC
  • 2nd ranked team - 0.015 BTC
  • 3nd ranked team - 0.01 BTC
  • 4nd ranked team - 0.005 BTC
  • 5nd ranked team - 0.005 BTC
  • 6nd ranked team - 0.005 BTC

You can help your team get the most of your potential prize. Maximum amount would be multiplied with your own efficiency, which would give you the amount you'd get as a prize.

e.g. Your team ended up on the 2nd spot. Max amount you could get is 0.015 BTC. You've had 9/11 hits which makes your efficiency 81% (out of potential 11/11 which would be a perfect result).

Based on that, your prize would be: 0.015*0.81 = 0.01215 BTC

💸 Twist Prize Pool [max 0.1 BTC]:

  • Minimum prize pool: 0.03 BTC
  • If over 20 bets: 0.06 BTC
  • If over 40 bets: 0.1 BTC

e.g. Twist Prize pool distribution EXAMPLE: 

  • Prize pool: 0.1 BTC
  • Number of entries of the winning team: 100
  • Every entry's value: 0.001 BTC
  • Your number of entries: 10
  • Your prize: 0.01 BTC

Hopefully, this clarifies it how the prizes would be distributed segment. If you still have more questions regarding this, please, refer to your VIP hosts for any additional clarification. 

Good luck, everyone, and let the Battles begin! 🍀

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