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[0.0045 BTC] Joys of Youth ​🏓​ | Discord Challenge

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Joys of Youth 🏓 

Alright folks, here we go again! 😄

Your task for this week will be fairly simple. I want you to try and remember some fun games and activities (single or played in company) from your childhood that you remember with fondness.

As times are changing rapidly, this could be something that's totally forgotten nowadays, so let's bring it to life again, at least in words 😀. As we have players from all over the world, ideally this would be something specific to where you're from. I'll leave this fairly open-ended, so you have plenty of freedom! 😁


As usual, after you post your reply on Discord, just take a screenshot of it and post it here, so we could have your entry noted.


Prize Pool:

1st place0.0008 BTC

2nd place0.0005 BTC

3rd place0.0003 BTC

4th-10th place0.0002 BTC

11th-25th place0.0001 BTC

Good luck! 😊

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In my childhood and my friends, we built a soccer field and goal in the countryside because we wanted to play and we didn't have our own pitch. We played well and had fun. I would like to go back to my childhood and to my friends. They gone and married but was good time in my childhood 😃

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